Six Million United Against Antisemitism

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Antisemitism is surging, threatening the lives of Jews everywhere!

We stand united against antisemitism and pledge to fight hatred, incitement and violence against the Jewish people and its institutions around the world.

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United Against Antisemitism


The unprecedented increase in antisemitic attacks since Hamas' brutal massacre of innocent Israelis on October 7th demands immediate global action. 

Join our solidarity movement to firmly declare 'Never Again!' and pledge to fight the upsurge of hatred, incitement, and violence targeting Jews around the world.

Death threats against Jews are escalating daily. Jewish students live in fear, terrorized by calls for another intifada and chants of 'death to Zionists' on college campuses from coast to coast.

A disturbing silence surrounds Hamas-perpetrated sexual violence against Israeli women. The UN's colossal failure to address this shows that Jewish lives don't matter, sparking furious calls to 'believe Israeli women' and the #MeTooUnlessYouAreAJew hashtag.

This movement empowers all of us to unite and fight. From historic Jew-hatred to present day atrocities, from the right to the left, antisemitism knows no bounds. Together, let us raise our voices and take action. Sign the petition today and join the fight. We can make a real difference. Your support will help us reach 6,000,000 strong, united against antisemitism!


This movement aims to unite millions of people who pledge to take action in:

  • Combating antisemitism in all its forms.
  • Pressuring political leaders and lawmakers to enact new legislation to protect Jews.
  • Increasing education to expose and condemn antisemitic tropes, conspiracy theories and blood libels.
  • Uncovering antisemites worldwide whose aim is to destroy the one and only Jewish state.
  • Promoting the IHRA definition of antisemitism globally.
  • Urging governments to collaborate with Big Tech against hate speech and incitement.
  • Requiring universities to ensure the safety of Jewish and pro-Israel students on campus.

Join us in demanding -- and taking -- substantive action against antisemitism. Signing this petition enables your voice to be heard by political leaders and influencers and ensures that you will receive important updates about Israel and antisemitism. View our privacy policy.